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Taking the back roads across America can be a great adventure! Backroads Traveler has located some of the best USA tourist attractions, nature destinations, historic sites, unique bed & breakfasts, scenic trips and backroad adventures. If you're looking for ideas on what there is to see and do in America, spend some time browsing our huge collection of travel destination ideas. There is something for everyone and it's easy to find what you're looking for. Our features change with the seasons, and we are adding new information regularly so come back and visit us often!  You can print the pages  that interest you.
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America has a rich history and an abundance of historic sites to visit
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Visit Homes of the Rich & Famous that are open to the public
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Plantations of the deep south make wonderful destinations. We have an extensive list of southern plantations that are open to the public.
Take a scenic drive across America. We have one of the most extensive lists of scenic drives you will find anywhere.
Fall is a great time to take a scenic drive when the colors are in fall glory. We have listed some of the best areas for scenic fall drives.
Traveling In Nature Learn how to travel safely in the mountains, deserts, wetlands, coastal areas and forests.
Visit our nation's Capital and learn more about American history and government.
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